When I was younger, I attended three high schools, in Connecticut, California,
and Kenya.  

I had the good fortune to attend Harvard, and chose to study Sanskrit there.  
here to read about why.  My honors thesis was a fictionalized account of demonic
spirit possession grounded in academic research.

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps. I served
with my wife in Gabon for three years.

Afterward I attended business school, again with my wife, and gravitated towards

Later still, I attended law school. I was most interested in the Law Review because
it was about producing written work on one's own. I was first an editor, then
Editor-in-Chief, and was published.    

In California, I have worked in law, marketing consulting, and technology
marketing. In New York, I managed pension funds and was then a computer

I am a writer. I support efforts to revitalize and protect Native Californian cultures.  
Dance is also important to me, and I love to run and cycle.  
Glenn Anaiscourt